ACS maintains one of the largest freestanding engine inventories in the industry. We recognize our customers' fundamental objective to minimize engine maintenance costs and offer a comprehensive suite of solutions specifically tailored to the needs of our customers:

Engine Outright Purchases - Continuous replenishment of inventory with quality engines. From individual assets to fleet packages, we are able to purchase with creativity and speed in all situations.

Engine Green Time Leasing - Whether bridging surges in maintenance activity or serving a preference to lease versus own, our green time lease offerings are structured to meet the customer’s specific needs with tailored return conditions.

Engine Exchanges - Offers our customers a “Plug and Play” engine in exchange for their runout engine, delivering them replacement thrust for less than their repair cost while reducing administrative burden and eliminating both hard and soft costs on associated maintenance.

Engine Program Support - Thrust programs provide “always on” engine support through pre-positioned engines for scheduled maintenance events and on-site spares for unscheduled removals.