Mid-life Aircraft Leasing and Trading

ACS is a preferred business partner to major lessors and operators alike for its ability to quickly assess assets and then successfully execute transactions.

ACS selectively remarkets aircraft for lease and sale globally - from narrow-body passenger aircraft to widebody freighters.

In all scenarios, ACS utilizes a pragmatic and value-focused philosophy that reflects our product and market expertise.

Sales & Leaseback

The ACS leasing platform extends to sale and leaseback ("SLB") for mid-life and end-of-life aircraft.

We actively pursue the acquisition of aircraft on lease or provide financing to commercial operators through leaseback transactions in case of pending retirement or fleet transitions.


Provides balance sheet and capital management solutions for operators that currently own aircraft.

Provides cost savings and operational support through possible maintenance avoidance strategies and flexible lease return conditions.

Planned retirement allows customers to realize current valuations for aging aircraft as well as ensuring smooth and trouble- free transition to newer or more suitable aircraft.

Flexibility in response to changing market conditions while reducing residual value risk.