An Innovator in the Mid-life Aviation Market

Founded in 2010 by Jason Barany, Aero Capital Solutions, Inc. (“ACS”) is a progressive full-service aircraft and engine lessor with strong foundations in technical asset management and secondary trading markets. Beginning as an engine trading company, ACS has evolved into a full-service leasing platform while leveraging our roots in trading. Our trading platform and experience in evaluating, managing, and executing maintenance avoidance and other value enhancement strategies, sets us apart as an asset manager in the aviation investment sector.

With a clear business model that focuses on value-enhancement through product knowledge and management of aircraft through remarketing or end-of-life scenarios, ACS has firmly established itself as a respected and reliable partner to airlines and lessors around the globe. Targeted investments, including the current portfolio, primarily consist of a niche market of New Generation mid-life narrow-body Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Management expertise is derived from an average of over 20 years in the industry, including prior leadership of major engine and airframe MRO's, engine lessors, and consultancy. Combined with financial expertise and private ownership, ACS has developed an ability to invest quickly and wisely to provide best-in-class values with risk-adjusted returns to both its partners and airline customers.

ACS provides the expertise that its investment partners and operating customers value including the acquisition of aircraft with leases attached, dedicated engine leasing support, portfolio management, and maintenance avoidance solutions.